On April 12th, 2012, my gigging partner and soul sister, Audrey Elizabeth Hounshell died in a car accident. It was the darkest day I've yet to experience and I continue to struggle intensely with this loss.

She was an amazing friend.

She was family.

The video to the right was the last song we wrote together, just two days before her passing. It was the perfect conclusion to a perfect friendship.

Audrey and I played weekly with one another at various venues in Kentucky, took fun and crazy road trips to Nashville to do Writer's Nights and wrote music together any chance we got. I saw her or talked with her on the phone for hours...every single day. We were as close as two friends could be and I miss her terribly.

I believed 100% in her writing and in her drive, which is why it only makes sense that I dedicate a portion of my website to the art she leaves behind and to her memory.

Please take the time to visit her website and her YouTube links. Enjoy and share her music. She would have loved that. <3